Sotanghon at Bola-Bola Soup

Sotanghon at bola-bola soup made of juicy meatballs, cellophane noodles, cabbage, and celery. This Filipino-style noodle soup is hearty and delicious on its own or as a side dish.

When I make lumpiang shanghai, I usually make twice the meat filling. These Filipino-style spring rolls freeze well and are perfect for days when I am too pressed to prepare anything elaborate for lunch or when guests drop by impromptu.

But mostly, I have the filling handy and ready in the freezer to use for other meal ideas.  This sotanghon at bola-bola soup is only a matter of defrosting the meat mixture, shaping it into balls, and a quick twenty minutes on the stove. I get a delicious and satisfying meal to enjoy in no time.

Meatball ingredients

  • The meat mixture is made of ground chicken but ground pork, beef, or turkey are also great options. Minced shrimp can also be added to boost flavor.
  • It also includes chopped green onions for color and chopped water chestnuts and shredded carrots for texture. Try adding or substituting chopped shitake mushrooms, parsley or cilantro.
  • Season soy sauce for umami flavor, and salt and pepper to balance overall taste.

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