Pork Spareribs Macao-style Asado

Pork Spareribs Macao-style Asado with sweet and savory flavors you’ll love with steamed rice. This Chinese-style pork dish is easy to make in one pot and sure to be a family favorite!

Pork Asado is one of the many Filipino dishes influenced by Chinese flavors, mainly from the use of star anise. The dish is traditionally made of a whole slab of pork braised in a sweet and salty mixture of soy sauce, brown sugar, and spices, which is then cooled and served in slices with the sauce.

However, I attended a small get-together last month and a Macao-style asado that uses pork spare ribs was the centerpiece of the party menu. I enjoyed the dish so much, I shamelessly cornered the already frazzled hostess to jot down the recipe for me.

I am sure pork slices are delicious especially with a gloriously sweet and savory sauce to spoon over steamed rice, but gnawing through meaty bones made the dish fun to eat.

Tips on How to Make Pork Spareribs Macao-style Asado

  • Have the butcher cut through the bones to make slicing the spare ribs into 2-inch pieces easier.
  • Feel free to swap the ribs with a meatier cut such as pork belly, shanks or Boston butt.
  • If you’d like to add vegetables such as pechay and shitake mushrooms, check out my pata tim recipe which has the same set of flavors.
  • The original recipe for this Chinese-style asado required only one step; all the ingredients are combined in one pot and simmered until the meat is fork-tender and the sauce is reduced. You can do this if you’d rather skip the extra work, but I highly suggest searing the ribs for an extra boost of flavor.

If you’re looking for the Filipino version, check out my pork asado recipe. It has more of a tangy and savory taste than sweet and salty flavor but it’s just as delicious!

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